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MRL Elevator


Office Building

Luxury Hotel

Product Introduction

CANNY KLW series, machine roomless elevator removes the elevator’s restrictions in construction, construction costs, architectural design style and utilization scopes. In saving space and costs, it brings passengers the efficiency and robustness of the upper wise.

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Released space and infnite innovation

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Comparison of various types of elevator machine room

Save Construction Space

CANNY machine roomless elevator puts the entire elevator into the shaft, so that the machine room can exert no limits to the construction, which can save the construction space.

Save Construction costs

CANNY machine roomless elevator places the control cabinet in the shaft. And there is no need to build a machine room additionally, thereby saving construction costs.

Optimize Construction Design

CANNY machine roomless elevator saves the space occupied by the machine room, which provides more choices for building design.

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New permanent magnetic door machine system

The optimized S-curve, smooth door switch, smaller motor load shock, good self-adaptive control capability can cope with various disturbing factors and realize automatic test, adjust and adapt. The oversized polyurethane rollers have strong abrasion resistance and can achieve muting operation.

A new generation VVVF frequency inverter

A new generation VVVF frequency inverter can adjust the current magnitude and phase  ccording to car load and precisely control the host rotating torque to ensure the stable operation of the elevator.

Inbuilt control cabinet

The control cabinet is placed inside the shaft, so that building reserved holes are removed and the installation will be more convenient; meanwhile, the noise pollution of the machine room can be avoided effectively.


Traction rope sliding detection

Traction rope sliding detection can conduct a real-time
monitoring over the data and automatically enter the safe
operation mode as required to respond to the emergency by
slowing down, so that the elevator accident will not happen.

Electric brake release switch

CANNY machine roomless elevator is specially equipped with the
electric brake release switch so that the emergency relief can be
more timely and conveniently.


Anticipation, energy conservation and bearing the future

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A new generation permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine

A new generation permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine can save  more than 40% of the energy and it is maintenance-free. There is less noise and without need to replace greas.

LED car lighting

LED car lighting device has the advantagessuch as safety, efficiency,no-radiation,easy maintenance etc.

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Dormancy energy saving procedures

In case of no callings, the elevator will start the dormancy energy saving procedures When there’s passenger call, the device will automatically start so as to save the energy consumption during the non-operational period.

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Intelligent Technology, Choice of Heart

IC card intelligent management (Optional)

The renewable energy into electrical energy back to the local power grid use, energy consumption is reduced by 30%.

1. Call

2. Read card at entrance floor

3. Select Floor No. in the elevator car

4. Enter the elevator car

Each floor can be selected for leveling, wit hout pressing any button, it will automatically reach the designated floor of user.

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Group controlling intelligent dispatching system (Optional)

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“Saineng” Energy renewable and feedback technology (Optional)

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Leveling for power failure (Optional)

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When the poert grid powers off, the leveling device for powerfailure will power it to the nearest floor so that the door opens.
Ceiling : KL/DD-4004, Dusting steel plate, Hole on center support, LED light source
Car wall : Hairline stainless steel
Front wall : Hairline stainless steel
Vertical column: Hairline stainless steel
Operational panel : KL231C
Car door : Hairline stainless steel
Floor : KL/JD-4004(PVC)
Skirting : Hairline stainless steel
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Long-Distance Monitor
Building Automation System
Pre-open Function
Anti-disturbance Function
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Brake detection protection

Actively and regularly test the brake force;prevent more serious accident by means of malfunction indication and running prohibirion and so on.

Traction rope side detection

It provides real-time monitoring of sliding data, and can automatically enter the safe operation mode for emergencyaccording to requirements.

Brake detection protection

Brake arm detection switch executes real-time monitor to brake opening / closing.If the brake does not open by the requirements, the system will not start the elevator.

Protection of none door opening outside door zone

Automatic door opening is forbidden under none door zone condition.

Low-speed pretection

It prevents elevator from low -speed running outs ide the control range causing any safety problem(s).

Overload protection

Before the elevator shuts the door, if it detects overload signal, the elevator does not shut then, “door-shut button” becomes effective. After it removes overload problem, it re-starts automatically.

Automatic parking in trouble

When the elevator stops in none leveling zone due to any trouble, if it is not caused by safety device action, it executes self-rescue running towards the middie floor direct1on at low speed. It parks and opens the door at the nearest service floor to prevent from any trapping accident.

Protection of elevator blockage

When the system runs start command, it does not start within preset time nor because it is during the elevator travelling, and it does not reach certain distance within preset time as well, the elevator stops accordingly.

Attendant running

When it is under the operator condition, the elevator system operates according to the car command signal. If landing call signal is available, it automatically cuts as per forward landing call. The door opens automatically after the leveling parking. But it does not shut automatically until the operator presses “door closing button”.

Fire-fightning return

When the fire-fighting switch closes, the system enters into fire-fighting running. The system will remove all the landing calls and car command signals, and it automatically returns to fire-fighting home landing, and the door keeps open. If the elevator is travelling in reverse direction, it parks at nearby floor, and returns to fire-fighting home landing with the door keeping closed, after that it keeps the door open.

Home landing elevator locking

When the elevator is under automatic condition,when it shuts home landing locking switch, the elevator will complete all the registered car command services, auto matically return to home landing, it enters into parking condition. As soon as locking switch is on, it immediately returns from parking condition and goes into normal running.

Cancel the error register

If the passenger pres.0Ds the car command button at certain floor and has registered it by mistake, (by the car indicating lamp is bright), if under the condition of none elevator running, you only press the car command button at the same oor to cancel the register. (By then the car indicating lamp dies out.)

Electrified automatic door opening

Every time when the elevator is electrified, if the car is in the door zone, the elevator door opens automatically.

Automatic return to home landing

In non-attendant running, if automatic return function to home landing is still effective, and no-landing call signal time fulfills preset time, the elevator retums to home Ianding automatically.

Automatic stop of the car illumination and fan

If nobody uses the elevator within certain period of time, the car illumination and fan shut off automatically and re-opens on receiving any landing call command(s).

Automatic correction of floor signal

If the floor display position has error, after the system detects terminal switch in the travel, it will automatically correct the ftoor display.

Cancellation of the reverse command(s) in the car

When the elevator trave Is to the farthest ftloor and changes the speed, it removes all the car command register.

Self diagnostic embedded call button

If you press call button at certain landing for over 20 seconds, and it still does not disconnect, the system assumes that it is embedded button. It does not register the landing call of the same floor afterwards. Responsive lamp which corresponds to the button keeps flickering and alarming. When the button disconnects, it exits from above condition.

Electric brake release switch

CANNY machine roomless elevator is specially equipped with the electric brake release switch so that the emergency relief can be more timely and conveniently.


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