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Freight Elevator



Product Introduction

Applying a new generation of dedicated frequency conversion technology, Wintech Elevator implements its industrial transportation mission with technology!

The full-closed loop control largely improves the lifting performance of the elevator, which can effectively reduce the problems during the movements, such as the vibration, shaking and instable acceleration and deceleration; and efficiently reduces the power consumption during operation.

New generation frequency conversion technology users in a brand new journey

Three advantages

Sensitivity , Stability and Precision

  • Free opening and closing, which improves the efficiency of the transport loading.
  • Stable and confortable operation, offering the steady acceleration and deceleration rate during starting and braking.
  • Precise Leveling, offering accurate mastery at the millimeter level.

Stable working at any time and any place
All linked with one another highlighting great superiority.


VVVF technology substantially decreases the operating power consumption and power supply capacity of the elevator, which saves 20% of the energy compared to the traditional alternating current double-speed driven elevator.

The distinctive curve-like running state can smoothly adjust the speed of the elevator; and greatly improve the comfort, increase the accuracy of leveling and decrease the running noises during the operation of the elevator.

The freight elevator with VVVF speed regulation can maintain the constant torque, thus making the running speed, sense of comfort and leveling precision free from impact despite the changes of the loads.

Exceling the ones with rooms and Outstanding in loading

The compact gearless permanent magnet synchronous traction machine with the advanced technology in Canny has the advantages of strong power and small capacity. It is installed on the top of the hoistway, thus largely saving the construction space.

It meets the requirements of buildings of different structures, thus providing the optimal choice for the freight transportation for the units including the plants, warehouse, property management centers and libraries etc.

It meets the requirements of buildings of different stuctures, thus providing the optimal choice for the freight transportation for the units including the plants, warehouse, property management centers and libraries etc.

Fork type traction structure, which can largely save the space at the over head and save the costs of construction.

KLQ Car Elevator
Top choice or the car loving space

  • The efficient combination between the mature automobile lifting technology and the strong technology of Canny, optimizes the smooth and noise-free features of the car elevators. It is the desirable choice for the parking and vertical transportation in numerous places.

Fantastic optimization and great humanity
Highlighting great concerns by reaching every aspect

  • The special circuit control and display system can both facilitating the drives within the car but also making it convenient for the passengers waiting outside the car.
  • The car with the large width of 2.4m and the large depth of 6m, making it convenient for various automobiles to park in a secure manner.
  • The optimized operating panel makes the passengers open or close the gate(door) of the elevator without leaving the car.
  • It adopts the abrasive floor and is equipped with guiding device and stop marks of driving, to let the automobiles park within the lines and reduce the collision of the automobiles in and out. (Optional)

Standard configuration of the lift car decoration

Double-folded center pening type
Car ceiling : Dusting steel plate
Car wall : Dusting steel plate
Floor : Checked steel plate
Cop. : KL261C
Ventilation : Round fan
Car door : Dusting steel plate
Sill : Cast iron
Hop: KL231H

Advanced Functional Design

Driver running

Arrival automatic door-open, manual door-shut, internally selective automatic register (anti- nuisance, accidental operation removal), outer calling automatic clockwise stop.

Optical curtain protection to the safety edge

If the safety edge or optical curtain has been warded off, it will immediately stop the door-shut actuation and automatically opens the door.

None door-shut in over load

When it is over load,the door does not shut,overload light is bright,it rings the buzzer and the lift does not start.

Accidental operation removal

If repeatedly press inner-selection button,it can cancel the error register. (It dies out the inner selection lamp.)

Fire-fighting return

After the fire-fighting switch closes, the system enters into fire-fighting running.

The system will remove all the landing calling and car command signals, and it automatically return to fire-fighting home landing,and the door keeps open.

If the elevator is traveling reversely, it parks at nearby floor, and returns to fire-fighting home landing with the door keeping closed,after that it keeps the door open.

Inlaid self-diagnosis of the outer calling button

If certain outer calling button has been continuously pressed for more than 20 seconds, the system takes it as an inlaid button (can not be reset), it will then not register the outer calling of this floor and keep flickering & alarming to the corresponding outer calling of this button.

Parking control

When it actuates the key switch in the designated floor, the lift will return to the designated floor after responding to all the commands, meanwhile it will start the energy-saving mode,cut off the illumination in the car and lighten the outer switch indicating lamp.

Interference assessment

It makes the corresponding assessment to the site control cabinet grounding (restricting the interference source), well wire earthing (the reliable shield) conditions.

It directs the adjustors to remove the hidden danger and provides the micro-computer control system with the more secure and reliable work environments.

Emergency electric start

Emergency electric start is an emergency measure that can be adopted under the condition that it has the normal power supply when there is something wrong with the safety loop (the safety loop in jump out part) so that it can release the passengers who are stranded in the car within the shortest time possible and restore the normal use of the elevator.

Braking detection protection

It implements a real-time monitor to the brake open I shut through the braking arm detection switch. If the brake does not open upon the request, the system will prohibit the lift start.

Terminal speed change and floor number correction

When the system detects the terminal switch in running,the lift will be forced to change the speed and automatically correct the floor display.

Safety loop protection

When it disconnects the safety loop,the lift will immediately stop the operation.


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