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Home Elevator

Villas/Duplex Homes

Product Introduction

Break through the changes in the pattern and create more space possibilities multiple security protections to give infinite care to the family green energy-saving technology, and start the era of elevator appliances.

More Advanced (Machine Roomless Structure)

  • Excellent elevator performance.
  • Unique structure experience.
  • Small occupation area.
  • Low civil requirements.
  • Can meet the needs of different types of villa structure.

More convenient installation structure of the main machine

  • Main machine installation.
  • Eliminate reserved holes.
  • Simple installation.
  • Free to enjoy.

Compact layout

  • Higher utilization.
  • Release family space.
  • Reserve for your life design taste.

Smart living, free lifting
Comprehensively care for you and your family

Permanent magnet synchronous door machine system

  • Optimized S-curve and smooth opening and closing operation of elevator door can effectively reduce operating noise, and create a more comfortable home environment.
  • High-sensitive light curtain door protection can effectively prevent jam accidents of the elderly in wheelchairs and small children.
  • Smooth operation system specially designed for the elderly and children has the most comfortable speed running curve, ensure a smooth and stable starting.
  • Integrated control cabinet combined industry control technology with communication technology is adopted, closed design of entire steel plate, can achieve convenient maintenance.

Standard design – KL/J4-005

Ceiling : KL / DDJ-4003, Wooden frame, LED light source, light belt
Backwall : Wood veneer, decorative picture, PVC wallpaper, wooden wire frame
Sidewall : Wood veneer, Stainless steel mirror
Front wall : Stainless steel mirror
Control box : Titanium-made handrail type maneuver­ing box
Car door : Stainless steel mirror
Floor : Printing PVC
Flooring angular line : Wood finishes

Standard design – KL/J4-006

Ceiling : KUDDJ-4002, dusting steel plate (Ice gray), long-shaped LED light source
Car wall : dusting steel plate (Ice gray), users prepare for secondary decoration
Control box : KL-330
Floor : Printing PVC
Flooring angular line : Hairline stainless steel

Advanced Functional Design

Safety loop protection

Protection switch of various safety devices compose the safety loop. When safety loop disconnects,the elevator stops immediately.

Brake detection protection

Brake arm detection switch executes real-time monitor to brake opening / closing. If the brake does not open as per the requirements,the system will not allow the elevator start.

Light curtain protection

In the process of door shut,when anybody / object that enters into / exit from the elevator car hinders light curtain,the door re-opens or keeps open.

Protection of none door opening outside door zone

Automatic door opening is forbidden under none door zone condition.

Overload protection

The protection functions to prevent the speed from exceeding the controlled range and causing any safety problem(s).

Prompt of overload alarm

Before the elevator shuts the door,if it detects overload signal,overload buzzer rings. It alarms and brightens overload indicating lamp. After it removes overload problem, it re-starts automatically.

Automat ic parking in trouble

When the elevator stops in none leveling zone due to any trouble,if it is not caused by safety device action,it executes self-rescue running towards the middle floor direct ion at low speed. It parks and opens the door at the nearest service floor to prevent from any trapping accident.

Emergency car lighting

When power supply disconnects,emergency lamp at the car ceiling or in the operat ion box brightens automatically.

Home landing elevator locking

When the elevator is under automatic condit ion,after it shuts home landing locking switch,the elevator will complete all the registered car command services, automatically ret urn to home landing,it enters into parking condition. As soon as locking switch opens, it immediately exits from parking condition and throws into normal running.

All selective collective running

Wait ing hall has one up and down calling button respectively. It automat ically judges the elevator running direct ion according to the car command and landing calling. It responds various car commands and landing calling signals one by one from up to down sequence.

Cancel the error-register

If the passenger presses the car command button at certa in floor and has registered it by mistake, (by then the car indicat ing lamp is bright),under the condit ion of none elevator running, you only require to press the car command button at the same floor to cancel the register. (By then the car indicating lamp dies out.)

Automatic stop of the car lighting and fan

If nobody uses the elevator within certa in period of t ime,t he car light ing and fan shut off automat ically. It re-opens at receiving any landing calling command(s).

Full-load straight travel

When the car load exceeds 80% of load rating, it does not respond any landing calling. It only responds the car command(s).

Automat ic correction of floor signal

If the floor display posit ion has error,after the system detects terminalswitch in the travel,it will automat ically correct the floor display.

Cancel reverse command(s) in the car

When the elevator travels to the farthest floor and changes the speed,it removes allthe car command register.

Self-diagnostic embedded calling button

If press calling button at certain landing for over 20 second,then it st ill does not disconnect,t he system assumes that it is embedded button. It does not register the landing calling of the same floor afterwards. Responsive lamp which corresponds to the button keeps flickering and alarming. When the button disconnects,it exits from above condition.

Automatic return to home landing

In no-operator running,if automatic return function to home landing is still effective,when no-landing calling signalt ime fulfills preset time,the elevator returns to home landing automatically.

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